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The Centre offers a variety of programs to the community which encompasses the needs of parents, caregivers and children from birth to twelve years of age. Together, our staff aspires to deliver quality service, including a safe, nurturing and inviting environment, nutritious meals and fun-filled days both indoors and outdoors, that facilitate growth and friendships.

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English Child Care Program


In the upcoming month of March, we plan on being outside more often with the nicer weather coming, during our walks we love to listen to the sounds of the birds and all the other sounds around us like big trucks, water running etc. We will continue to work on our fine and gross motor skills such as walking, crawling, using our pincer grasp, painting etc. also, with St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th we will celebrate with craft making, wearing green for the day and lots of green sensory play.


It’s March! Which means spring is just around the corner! February was a long cold month, so during the month of March, we will be spending a lot more time outside exploring the different sounds, animals, and textures that spring offers us, so be sure to pack appropriate clothing. Apart from being outside, the children will also engage in more indoor sensory play using materials such as rice, beans, and many more different textures to explore. Sensory bins are great for parallel play, cause and effect exploration, and fine motor development! Recently, the children have started learning how to use glue and scissors to create pictures to promote pincer grasp activities as well as other aspects of fine motor development. We will continue learning how to use different tools and mediums moving into the month of March. The children are becoming more verbal as each day passes and so to continue encouraging that, we will be learning new songs and dances to help promote language and gross motor development while having lots of fun along the way! The children continue to build stronger friendships each day, and are learning how to say each other’s names – we will also be doing activities surrounding friendship and family. Family pictures are encouraged! We are so excited to see what new learning experiences and fun we are going to have this upcoming month!


Spring is coming! For the month of March, the preschool group will begin to grow some flowers and vegetables so that we can create a garden in our play yard. We will spend time each day learning how to take care of our plants and will chart to see how much they have grown each week. As always, we spend lots of time outdoors, so please remember to send weather appropriate clothing.

School Age

I have implemented chores into our daily routine after snack. Sweeping, dusting, and occasionally dishes and laundry. The children are always eager to help and sometimes argue about who does what. It’s great to see them being so responsible. March Break will be filled with fun activities. We are planning to go skating and sliding sometime that week so permission slips will be handed out soon. As always, remind your child to dress appropriately for the weather as it is still very cold and we will be going outdoors daily. We will be talking about ways to combat bullying and doing activities that promote healthy relationships.







The EarlyON Centre is a free service open to parents/caregivers and their children, which offers a caring and versatile early learning environment and a rich resource centre. We provide a warm social environment for adults and children alike. We also host a range of special activities and events that are sure to make your child’s visit a memorable one.

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To access our calendar and/or to register for a visit, please visit the KEyON website. Our Region is Manitoulin-Sudbury; our Centre is Sudbury North.

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