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The Centre offers a variety of programs to the community which encompasses the needs of parents, caregivers and children from birth to twelve years of age. Together, our staff aspires to deliver quality service, including a safe, nurturing and inviting environment, nutritious meals and fun-filled days both indoors and outdoors, that facilitate growth and friendships.

Announcements & Important Dates

June 10

PD Day for all schools

2022 Updates

We have posted our updated Parent Manual, Service Policies and User Policies for your review.

Summer Schedules

July and August schedules have been distributed. Please complete and return so that we may prepare for the summer session.

Summer Outdoor Play

Please ensure that you supply sunscreen and bug spray for your child, as well as a hat to protect them during those sunny days. As the weather gets warmer, you will be asked to send a towel and bathing suit so we can enjoy some water-play to keep cool.


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English Child Care Program


In the month of June, we will be outside learning about the warm sun, the cool wet rain, the wind etc. We will continue to work on tummy time to build strength to crawl as well as walking with guidance to build confidence to walk on our own! We are looking forward to new adventures!!!

~ Kim


June is here! The children have been playing outside and paying special attention to different insect species. We’ve been having conversations about all the different bugs and their role in the ecosystem. Mother nature has been capturing our hearts with the sunshine but nothing beats the comforting sounds of rain. Creating memories and friendships; the children love playing in the water. We are teaching water safety to be all prepared for the warmer days when the water play will be continued outdoors! We spotted a beautiful rainbow in the sky a few days ago and we have been recreating rainbows with food colouring and paint since. Please note, with the hot weather comes bugs that like to bite so let’s not forget to apply our bug spray and sunscreen as we keep enjoying the elements!

~ Jaylynn


In the month of June, we are going continue with our dinosaurs. In the month of May, we engaged in a large amount of art-based dinosaur activities as well as starting a dinosaur table. In June we are going to continue building our dinosaur table as we find more items that suit it. We also have some science-based dinosaur activities and plans to create some dinosaur decorations for our room.

~ Kevin

School Age

Activities and plans are always changing in the SAC group. Together, we have developed a very rough daily schedule for the summer, and a list of daily duties. We have also brainstormed activities we can do, so watch out for gardening, sports, and possibly tie-dye experiments. Again, this summer we will be implementing a points system for rewards and special activities because it is important for the children to have responsibility. It worked great last year, so why not do it again? Since the weather is warm and sunny, we will be spending most of our time outside, utilizing the gazebo as our indoor space. We have a bunch of creative children in our group so the gazebo is filled with art supplies to keep us very busy.

~ Carley







The EarlyON Centre is a free service open to parents/caregivers and their children, which offers a caring and versatile early learning environment and a rich resource centre. We provide a warm social environment for adults and children alike. We also host a range of special activities and events that are sure to make your child’s visit a memorable one.

Please join our Facebook page for updates on all our activities and services.

To access our calendar and/or to register for a visit, please visit the KEyON website. Our Region is Manitoulin-Sudbury; our Centre is Sudbury North.

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